DORA – Digital Operational Resilience Act

We Help You Become DORA Compliant

The Digital Resilience Act (DORA) is a legislative proposal aimed at enhancing the security and resilience of digital products and services within the European Union (EU). Steeright Europe BV plays a vital role in assisting companies with the implementation of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) requirements. Our services involve providing tailored support to businesses as they navigate the intricacies of DORA compliance.

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Assessment and Gap Analysis:

Conducting thorough assessments to identify existing cybersecurity measures and gaps in compliance with DORA standards.

Customized Implementation Plans:

Developing personalized strategies and roadmaps for companies to effectively integrate DORA requirements into their operations and digital products.

Third Party Vendors Contracts Review:

Ensuring compliance with DORA mandates assessing third-party dependencies that can have an impact on the security reliability, and performance of the financial entities. This also involves reviewing existing and new technology related contracts with third party vendors. It also involves incorporating contractual terms for threat management, reviews, reporting, and inclusion of termination clauses. Steeright assists in vetting and amending ICT contracts to meet these requirements.

Organising Tests

DORA requires periodic testing using various methods and tools for conducting security assessments and tests. Steeright offers assessment and testing services such as Vulnerability assessments and scans, Open-source analyses, Network security assessments, including gap analyses, Physical security reviews, Questionnaires and scanning software solutions, Source code reviews, when applicable, Scenario-based tests, Compatibility testing, Performance testing, End-to-end testing or penetration testing, Threat-Led Penetration Testing (TLPT).

Technical Solutions Integration:

Assisting in the selection and implementation of cybersecurity tools and technologies to meet DORA’s security standards.

Policy and Procedure Development:

Creating and refining internal policies, procedures, and protocols to align with DORA regulations and foster a culture of cybersecurity within the organization.

Training and Awareness Programs:

Offering training sessions and awareness campaigns to educate employees about DORA compliance and best practices for maintaining digital resilience.

Continuous Support and Monitoring:

Providing ongoing support to ensure sustained compliance with DORA requirements and promptly address any emerging cybersecurity challenges.

By offering comprehensive assistance throughout the implementation process, Steeright Europe BV helps companies navigate the complexities of DORA compliance efficiently and strengthen their cybersecurity posture to mitigate risks effectively.


Situated in the dynamic landscape of Belgium, at the nexus of innovation in the heart of Europe, Steeright shines as a beacon of limitless innovation, extending its reach across the globe. We take pride in being your unwavering ally in your journey to be DORA compliant no matter where you’re located.

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