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Looking to start a new business, relocate your existing business or open a branch office in the heart of Europe? Consider Belgium! We help you take the first step and offer a comprehensive range of solutions from making the financial and business plans to registering the business with the Belgian government authorities and even get a professional card and a residence permit to grow your business in Belgium and beyond. The best thing is that we integrate technology into our processes wherever possible, which makes things faster, easier, and cost-effective.

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Apply for a Belgian Identification Number
Financial and Business Plan
Notarisation of the Deed of Incorporation
Registration with Authorities
Documentation for Work Permit for Business Director
Documentation for Residence Permit/ D-Visa for Business Director

How does it work?

Self Eligibility Check

Starting a business in Belgium is an accessible opportunity for individuals from all over the world who have experience and the financial capacity to cover startup expenses. Whether you’ve worked independently or as an employee, the key is to have a certain level of professional background. To initiate the process, it’s recommended to have approximately EUR 50000 or more of personal funds available for a small business, and more if your business requires more investments. Out of which 20000 must be deposited as capital into your Belgian business account that you can use later for your business, approximately 15000 will be the startup expense per person, and you need funds to survive in Belgium for the first year. If you meet the above criteria, please contact us to book a meeting.

Meet us

At Steeright, we facilitate this journey by setting up a free online meeting to discuss your professional background, experience, and aspirations. This initial consultation allows us to verify your eligibility and understand your unique insights and motivations for starting a business in Belgium.

The best thing about working with Steeright is that you pay on each step, you don’t have to pay us unless we take you to the next step.

Apply for a Belgian Identification Number

Once the initial meeting is done. We request for your identity documents eg. Passport, your foreign ID card etc. we also send you the first payment link. We then do all the process to get you a Belgian Identification Number which is your national number from Belgian Population Register. In order to establish a business one must have this number.

Financial and Business Plan

To do the notary documentation and to to register your business with government authorities you must have a good business and financial plan. at Steeright , we understand your business and make a business and a financial plan for you which meets all the Belgian authorities requirements. At this step you make the 2nd payment.

Notarisation and Incorporation

Steeright prepares and processes important document for instance Articles of association, deed of incorporation etc. We get those notarised by the authorities. We get your company registered with the Crossroad bank for enterprises in Belgium which is the ultimate authority to register companies in Belgium. At this step you make the 3rd payment. At this step we will send you the link of the government website where you could see and verify your business and ownership details.

Work Permit for Business Director

We make all the necessary documents for you. And book your appointment to submit the set of documents to the immigration authorities, embassy/ consulate of Belgium in your own country. At this stage you make the payments for the work permit/ professional card. It takes 2-5 months for the economic authorities to approve your permit. We have a success rate of 99.9%, they may approve or ask for more documents and we assist you on every stage.

Residence Permit/ D-Visa for Business Director

Once you receive the approval for your work permit/ professional card, we then make all the necessary documents for you to apply for a residence permit/ D-Visa. You go to VFS/ consulate, submit your documents. The approval may take 1-2 months. Sometimes longer. Once you receive you entry permit, you can then book a flight and travel to Belgium.

Arrival in Belgium

Once you arrive in Belgium, you need to visit the city hall or municipality office within 8 days to register your arrival. They’ll then process your Belgian eID card. You also need to register for UBO within 3 months of establishing your business. We can assist you with it. Once you arrive in Belgium, you can start to work on growing your business. If you’d like, you may also subscribe to our other business services to help you grow your business in Belgium and beyond.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or venturing into business ownership for the first time, Steeright is committed to helping you navigate the complexities of starting a business in Belgium. Our collaborative approach ensures that your aspirations are met with tailored solutions and expert assistance at every stage of the process. Let’s work together to turn your business ideas into a reality in the dynamic business landscape of Belgium.


For now, Steeright’s business formation services are currently only focused on establishing businesses in Belgium, providing comprehensive support for entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses in the heart of Europe and get residence permit based on their business. Our services are available to business founders and directors based anywhere in the world. Our services allow international entrepreneurs to leverage the advantages of establishing a presence in a strategic European location without the constraints of physical proximity. No matter where you live, Steeright ensures that the distance does not hinder your ability to benefit from our expert business formation services. We understand the global landscape and are committed to supporting entrepreneurs worldwide in making their business ventures a success in Belgium.

Did you know?

Did you know that you can book a free and non-binding meeting with us to discuss how we can achieve your business, transformation, technology and growth goals together? You can choose your preferred date and time on the calendar, book a meeting and we’ll send you a meeting link, it’s that easy! 🙂 we look forward to seeing you soon !

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